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Beginners guide to lawn bowls

One of the many positives of lawn bowls is that it can be as competitive or as social as you want. Lawn bowls tournaments, barefoot bowls and twilight bowls are played all over Australia and can be enjoyed by participants of all skill and experience levels. If you are brand new to the concept of lawn bowls, have a read of the helpful lawn bowls beginners guide the team here at Taylor Bowls has put together.

The basics of lawn bowls

The aim of the game is to get your lawn bowls as close to the small white bowl as possible. In lawn bowls, we refer to this white ball as the jack. This may sound like a very easy task to complete. However, because the bowls do not travel in a straight line, the difficulty is increased from what you might be anticipating.

Lawn bowls may be played in singles, pairs, triples and four-player teams. In singles and pairs competitions, each team member will have four bowls at each end of the bowling green. In triples, each player will have three bowls per end and four-player team competitions will have two per end.

Important things to remember

Lawn bowls are not perfectly round in shape. They are shaved on one side which creates a bias. This should be kept in mind when it comes to your lawn bowls delivery because the bowl is going to steer more to one side. As your lawn bowl begins to slow down, it will then curve to the side of your bias. This means that many bowlers will opt to change the side of the bias depending on the direction they require the bowl to curve.

When bowling, at least one part of one foot must stay on the mat when releasing the lawn bowl. Lawn bowls are required to travel a minimum distance of 15 metres. If they do not reach this, they will be removed from play. Bowls that travel too far and stop within the ‘ditch’ area at the back of the green also become dead. They may only remain in play if they touch the jack on the way through.

Purchase some lawn bowls & start playing

Here at Taylor Bowls, we readily stock a huge range of lawn bowls products including bowls that are perfect for beginners. For all enquiries, get in touch with our local Noosaville team today on 07 5449 9011 or browse our complete lawn bowls range online.

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