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Build your own bowls: what you need to know

Looking to inspire your game? Building your own bowl can give you the motivation you need to take your game to the next level. Every bowl that comes out of our factory is a result of finely tuned revolutionary engineering.

How many combinations are available?

Thousands of combinations are available at your fingertips. Ordering online is easy. Just go to our revolutionary ‘online bowls selector’ and choose your preferred size, colour and grip. Take your pick from dozens of animal emblems in a variety of colours and ring colours. There is also an option to upload your own unique emblem.

What are the benefits of a Taylor SRV customised bowl?

The Taylor SRV comes with the same flat crescent grip as the Redline SR but with all new attractive cosmetic graphics. The bias has been refined to deliver a marginally flatter finish, so it still holds to target, while not affecting the bowl’s wind stability. The Taylor SRV is suitable for faster and artificial surfaces.

How much is a Taylor SRV customised bowl?

All our personalised bowls are $650. Whether you take a set straight from the shelf or have them made from scratch, the cost is exactly the same. Please note that uploading custom emblems may incur an additional charge.

I’m thinking about ordering a customised bowl as a birthday gift. How long does it take to build a personalised bowl?

All bowls orders are dispatched within 40 working days. Uploading of custom emblems may incur a longer delivery date. Please ask our friendly team at Taylor Bowls for more information.

What are the benefits of a customised bowl from Taylor Bowls?

Established in 1796, Taylor Bowls is the world’s oldest and most experienced bowls manufacturer. Our bowls are the most advanced in the world. Through recently invested production equipment and advancing technology, we have created supremely accurately designed running surfaces that are unique to our brand and no other manufacturer can match. These offer consistent exacting lines when playing a draw shot or a controlled weighted shot.

Taylor Bowls: a lawn bowls success story in Noosaville

Whether you are new to lawn bowls or an experienced player, Taylor Bowls has everything you need to take your game to the next level. Investing in the right bowls, bags, shoes, clothing, trolley bags and a good bowls mat should be considered. Browse our range online or get in touch with the friendly team at Taylor Bowls, Noosaville, today. Phone 07 5449 9011.
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