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How to find the right set of lawn bowls for you

With so many different styles and sizes of lawn bowls available, it can be a little confusing for beginners choosing the right set to suit their needs. The team here at Taylor Bowls is here to help with this! Over the years, we have become lawn bowls specialists. We are always up to date with the latest lawn bowl trends and we know exactly what to look out for when it comes time to purchase a new set.

To help you develop a better understand when it comes to purchasing your bowls, we’ve put together a helpful guide below.

What size lawn bowls will be right for me?

Let’s start with finding the most suitable sized lawn bowls. If you really want to find the perfect size, it’s best to go try out a few different options. This is because it really comes down to the size of the bowler’s hands. For a general idea though, some sizing guides to keep in mind are that ladies will usually tend to buy between a size 000 to 3, while gents will usually purchase between a size 3 to 5.

Lawn bowls are also available in a range of different weights, starting from around 1076 grams and going up to roughly 1580 grams. The size of the lawn bowl will determine its weight. To find the right size to fit your hand and ensure that you can grip comfortably, be sure to try a few out first before making any drastic purchases.

Finding the right lawn bowls bias

Just like there are different sized lawn bowls to choose from, there is also a range of different biases. Lawn bowls are never perfectly round and they will always be slightly heavier on one side—this is what we refer to as the lawn bowl bias. The best bias for you will depend heavily on where and how you intend to play. For example, some surfaces will be faster than others and a certain bias will be better suited. It’s best to practice with a few different options to determine what works best for you.

How Taylor Bowls can help

Backed by decades of experience, Taylor Bowls has expert knowledge when it comes to the many different lawn bowl options available. We stock a huge range of lawn bowls in many different sizes, ensuring there is a perfect fit for each bowler. For all enquiries, get in touch with our local Noosaville team today on 07 5449 9011.

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