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Lawn Bowls Shoes – The Importance of Proper Footwear

Consider your feet as the base of a building. If the foundation is off then the rest of the building is off. Some of the most common sports injuries are ankle based which is why wearing supportive lawn bowls shoes is so important. Our team at Taylor Bowls explore the importance of wearing proper footwear on the green.

What are the benefits of wearing proper lawn bowls shoes?

Good lawn bowls footwear is needed to protect joints and minimise impact.

Other benefits include:

Wearing proper lawn bowls shoes can prevent back problems

Many people experience back pain due to faulty or unsuitable footwear. The point in which your heel hits the ground causes pressure to travel up your leg and into your back – like an electrical current. Suitable footwear is designed to take the stress off this impact.

Wearing proper lawn bowls shoes can improve circulation

Good footwear promotes balance which in turn promotes better circulation and muscle movement.

Footwear can impact performance

Specific footwear is designed for specific sports meaning that lawn bowls shoes are designed to protect against certain movements and support the places which need it. Wearing lawn bowls shoes which know your needs means you can play more efficiently and confidently as you have already reduced your injury risk.

Why do lawn bowls shoes need to be ‘approved’?

Lawn bowling shoes are utilised when playing on a smooth surface made of grass or synthetic turf. The green is usually meticulously maintained to ensure the bowl can travel smoothly when a player releases it. Because of this, Bowls Australia – our national association for the sport – sets standards for this type of footwear.

What lawn bowls shoes are available at Taylor Bowls?

At Taylor Bowls, we cater to players from casual to competitive leagues. All our shoes are affordable and Bowls Australia-approved. Our range features Gents Mercury Shoes, Ladies Mercury Shoes, Gents Ultrx Trainers and Ladies Ultrx Trainers. Available in men’s sizes 6-13 and women’s sizes 3-8, the Ultrx trainers are more technically advanced than other shoes in the bowling market. Every aspect of the shoe has been meticulously designed with the bowler in mind. Featuring Scotchguard protection and Ortholite foam insoles, Ultrx shoes are light, flexible, stable and breathable, ensuring you can spend hours on the green in comfort.

Looking for the best lawn bowls shoes in Noosaville? Taylor Bowls is a one-stop bowls shop

Taylor Bowls is the place to go for helpful advice and the best bowls, shoes and accessories at the best prices. Taylor Bowls stock most bowls sizes and designs in store and what we don’t have we can order. Browse the entire range online. Do you need bowls shoes in a hurry? We offer same day dispatch via post. Large items are delivered by courier.

Contact our friendly team at Taylor Bowls today. Visit our store at 5/95 Eumundi Road, Noosaville, or phone 07 5449 9011.

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