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Lawn bowls tips for improving your game

Lawn bowls, or simply bowls, is a sport of precision, astute tactical awareness and great sportsmanship. Are you wanting to polish your lawn bowls game in 2021? There are many useful tips and tricks that beginner lawn bowlers can adopt into their training which will take their game to the next level.

Here at Taylor Bowls, we are proud lawn bowls enthusiasts and we have picked up many useful lawn bowls tips over the years for improving the way we play. Our experienced team would like to now share this knowledge with you—have a read of our top lawn bowls tips below.

Training, drills & regular practice

Just like any other sport, to play well, you’re going to need to keep up with regular training and practice. You can’t expect to turn up to your lawn bowls match once a week and play at your best—practice is essential! Try to make time at least a few afternoons per week to train and use drills that suit the area of your game that you’re trying to improve in. A few popular lawn bowls drills include ‘the draw shot’, ‘the running shot’ and ‘the yard-on shot’. These days, there are many online resources including YouTube videos which can demonstrate how to best complete your desired lawn bowls drill.

Invest in the right lawn bowls & accessories

As they say, a painter is only as good as the brush he uses. This same concept can be applied to lawn bowls. A lawn bowler is only as good at the bowls he uses! This is why it is essential you use quality lawn bowls that are best suited to your requirements. If you’re new to lawn bowls, it is recommended that you go physically try out a few different options to determine what size is most comfortable for you. Lawn bowls shoes, clothing and a good lawn bowls mat should also be considered.

Consider your form & technique

When in the middle of a heated lawn bowls match, it can be easy to forget about your form and technique. This is a huge problem for many bowlers, but correct form and technique should never be forgotten. A few elements to keep in mind when playing and practising lawn bowls is to always aim your feet, square your shoulders, take a consistent mat position and don’t let your arm go floppy.

Not sure of the lawn bowls you should purchase? Have a browse of our extensive range online or get in touch with the helpful team at Taylor Bowls today for all enquiries. In the meantime, we hope these lawn bowls tips help improve your game!

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