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Taylor Bowls celebrates 225 years

Established in 1796, Taylor Bowls is the oldest and most experienced bowls manufacturer in the world. In the early days of the sport, all bowls were shaped by hand and no two bowls were alike. Then along came Thomas Taylor. The Scotsman made and patented a machine for shaping bowls accurately and introduced the world’s first testing table for bias of bowls. As Taylor Bowls celebrates its 225th anniversary, we reflect on Taylor’s legacy and the shape of the world in 1796.

Taylor Bowls celebrates 225 years: what happened in the world in 1796?

To put the 225-year history of Taylor Bowls in perspective, here’s what happened in the world in 1796:

  • Napoleon Bonaparte married Josephine de Beauharnais
  • The first national meeting was held in the Hague
  • The first elephant arrived in the US from India
  • Napoleon beat the Austrians in the Battle at Millesimo
  • Napoleon defeated the Piedmontese Republic at the Battle of Mondovi
  • First smallpox inoculation administered by Edward Jenner
  • Last of Britain’s troops withdrew from the US
  • US State Department issued first American passport
  • George Washington’s farewell address as US president
  • Spain declared war on England

Taylor Bowls celebrates 225 years: what happened in Australia in 1796?

  • Australia’s first theatre opened in Sydney
  • The distillation of spirits was prohibited
  • John Macarthur resigned as Inspector of Public Works and was replaced by Richard Atkin
  • George Bass made an unsuccessful attempt to cross the Blue Mountains.
  • Coal was discovered near Port Stephens

Taylor Bowls celebrates 225 years: what were the first lawn bowls made of?

The original bowls were made from stone but after 1409 bowls were made of lignum-vitae, a hardwood obtainable only from the West Indies. Bowls were chiseled by hand. In 1931, the first successful phenol formaldehyde resin compound bowl was produced. The laws of the sport of bowls changed in 1999 permitting the use of coloured bowls. Taylor of Scotland was the first to use a melamine crystal compound rather than the phenol formaldehyde compound to produce coloured bowls as it was found that ultra violet rays influenced the colour of bowls that were made by adding the coloured dye to the phenolic compound. The melamine crystal compound is used to produce coloured bowls in use today, while phenol formaldehyde is used to produce black bowls. The bowls in use today go through many technical steps before they are ready for sale. 

Taylor Bowls – unparalleled excellence in lawn bowls innovation

Taylor Bowls are the most advanced bowls in the world. Through recently invested production equipment and advancing technology, we have created supremely accurately designed running surfaces that are unique to our brand and no other manufacturer can match. These offer consistent exacting lines when playing a draw shot or a controlled weighted shot.

Taylor Bowls: a lawn bowls success story in Noosaville

Whether you are new to lawn bowls or an experienced player, Taylor Bowls has everything you need to take your game to the next level. Investing in the right bowls, bags, shoes, clothing and a good bowls mat should be considered.

Browse our range online or get in touch with the friendly team at Taylor Bowls, Noosaville, today. Phone 07 5449 9011.


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