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The best lawn bowls brands

From Taylor GTR and Taylor SRV to Junior Ace, the best lawn bowls brands are at Taylor Bowls. We stock most sizes and designs in store and what we don’t have we can order. Check out our great range!

Redline SR

The bestselling Redline-SR has all the winning features you would expect from the leaders in bowls innovation. Suitable for grass and artificial greens, features include championship winning bias, with speeds ranging from 12 to 20 seconds. Browse our current stock here.

Taylor GTR

This Scottish brand is one of the most trusted and oldest in the lawn bowling world.

Through recently invested production equipment and advancing technology, Taylor has created extremely accurately designed running surfaces that are unique to the brand and no other manufacturer can match. Continued commitment to Research and Development has led the company to proudly announce the launch of the new Taylor GTR. Engineered and designed by listening to some of the best bowlers in the world, the GTR is ideal for indoor and outdoor surfaces and is “Taylor made” for the Southern Hemisphere with its narrower line and steady finish to the finish. View our current stock here.

Taylor SRV

The Taylor SRV comes with a flat crescent grip. The bias has been refined to deliver a marginally flatter finish, so it still holds to target, while not affecting the bowl’s wind stability. Taylor SRV bowls are suitable for faster and artificial surfaces. Custom emblems may incur an extra charge and a longer delivery date. Click here to check out our current stock.


The Greenmaster range consists of the Premier, Power and Super 10 designs. The famous Premier is a narrow bias bowl and holds an even line. The ideal allrounder lawn bowl, the Premier is suitable for a range of conditions. Greenmaster products are available in many colours and size options, from 00 to 4. Browse the Greenmaster range here.

Junior Ace

The ‘Junior Ace’ bowl demonstrates Taylor’s continuing commitment to youth development within the sport. At 3 7/8”, the bowl fits comfortably into a young person’s hand and is ideal for introducing children to the sport at an early age. View our current Junior Ace stock here.

Vector VS

Available in heavy only in sizes 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4, the Vector VS is slightly wider than the SR and is an excellent choice for the bowler who prefers taking a tad more grass. The up shot can be played with minimum weight as the VS holds the line well. Vector VS bowls come with progrip as standard. Click here to see our current stock.

Taylor Bowls – home of the best lawn bowls brands at the best prices

Looking for helpful advice and the best bowls at the best prices? Taylor Bowls stock most sizes and designs in store and what we don’t have we can order. Browse the entire range online and check out our clearance bowls here.


Get in touch with our friendly team at Taylor Bowls today. Visit our store at 5/95 Eumundi Road, Noosaville, or phone 07 5449 9011.


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