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The different types of lawn bowls explained

Here at Taylor Bowls in Noosaville, we’re the lawn bowls specialists and we regularly help our clients find the best bowls to suit their needs. If you’re new here and would like to learn more about the different types of lawn bowls and lawn bowl sizes, keep reading! Our expert team has put together a helpful guide below.

Different lawn bowl sizes

Lawn bowls come in many sizes and weights—so there is a set of lawn bowls out there to suit just about any requirements. Generally speaking, it is advised to select the heaviest bowl you can grip comfortably. A heavier bowl will carry more momentum which is key for lawn bowls. There are usually 9 different lawn bowl sizes which start at 0000 and go up to 5. If you are new to lawn bowls, it’s recommended to try out a few different sizes to see which is the most comfortable fit for you.

Bowls bias explained

When learning about the different types of lawn bowls, bowls bias is another important element to consider. If you’re new to the lawn bowls scene, you might have heard the words “bowls bias” thrown around. Essentially, lawn bowls bias means that the shape of the bowl is not perfectly round. Therefore, when a player rolls the bowl, it moves in a curved path. The bowls bias will determine how far outward the player needs to roll their bowl for it to curve correctly and reach the target.

Your most suited lawn bowls bias will ultimately come down to how and where you play. The speed of the green you intend to play on is going to have an impact on the most suitable bias. This means you should consider whether you will be playing mostly indoors or outdoors. The faster the playing surface usually means the wider a bowl will take in its trajectory.

The Taylor Bowls product range

Here at Taylor Bowls, we readily stock many different types of lawn bowls. With a range lawn bowl sizes, weights and styles to choose from, you’ll be sure to find your perfect fit with Taylor Bowls. Take a look at our extensive product range online today or get in touch with our friendly team in Noosaville on 07 5449 9011.

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