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What are the best lawn bowls for indoors and outdoors?

While there is no doubt that skill, patience and determination are the best tools in your lawn bowls arsenal, you can improve your game by getting the right equipment. Follow our guide to buying the best lawn bowls for indoors, outdoors and beginners.

What are the best lawn bowls for indoors and outdoors?

Indoor bowls require very precise bowls. The faster carpets can be tricky if you are not used to them. When shopping for outdoor bowls, bowls with a wider arc are better suited to slow, heavier outdoor greens.

Taylor Bowls GTR – dual purpose

Designed and engineered in response to feedback from some of the world’s best players, the Taylor Bowls GTR is one of our top picks. It is considered dual purpose as it can be adapted for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Its narrower line and ‘steady to the finish’ means the Taylor Bowls GTR is perfect for Australian conditions. The GTR models come in enhanced engraving in specially formulated paint to match the innovative half-pipe grip.

Taylor Bowls Vector VS

The popular Taylor Bowls Vector VS is suitable for indoor and outdoor bowls. It is one of the best-selling bowls for indoor greens because its narrow draw is great for fast surfaces. Featuring a clean smooth draw to the jack with no hook finish, the Vector VS is available in a range of colours and sizes – from 00 to 5 in medium, heavy and extra heavyweight.

Taylor Bowls Redline-SR

The Redline-SR is a best-selling Taylor Bowls product offering championship winning bias. Suitable for grass and artificial greens with speeds ranging from 12-20 seconds, the Redline-SR’s crescent shaped grip is engineered for a sure, confident hold.

Taylor Bowls SRV

Built for faster and artificial surfaces, the Taylor Bowls SRV features a flat, crescent grip and attractive graphics. The bias has been refined to deliver a marginally better ‘flatter’ finish for holding to target and retaining wind stability.

What are the best lawn bowls for beginners?

As a beginner, the world of lawn bowl choices can be daunting. We recommend the tried and tested models, including the Vector VS and the Junior Ace. The Vector VS has a narrower line than the Ace. This makes the VS better suited to lead roles which is where many beginners start out. Both the Vector VS and Junior Ace are suitable for indoor and outdoor greens. If you are unsure, consider buying second-hand before investing in brand new bowls. Check out Taylor Bowls clearance bowls here.

Buying lawn bowls in Noosaville? Taylor Bowls is a one-stop bowls shop

Taylor Bowls is the place to go for helpful advice and the best bowls at the best prices. Taylor Bowls stock most bowls sizes and designs in store and what we don’t have we can order. Browse the entire range online.

Contact our friendly team at Taylor Bowls today. Visit our store at 5/95 Eumundi Road, Noosaville, or phone 07 5449 9011.


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